Is Your Home Built on a Firm Foundation?

Is Your Home Built on a Firm Foundation?

Hire our Mena, AR & Polk County foundation specialists & house-leveling services

Over time, the foundation of a home will settle and change positions. Fortunately, E.S. General Contracting LLC can correct any slight alterations in your home's foundation with our expert leveling services. We'll make sure your house remains stable for many years to come.

Also, if your foundation has cracked, we can repair it. Our crew will correct any imperfections or breaks in your residential foundation. Don't allow a small crack in the slab to become a major foundation failure! Contact us today to request an estimate.

Need a new foundation poured?

E.S. General Contracting can pour the foundation for your residential development project. We're trusted by homebuilders throughout the Mena, Arkansas area. We will:

  • Respect your construction timeline
  • Pour a flawless home foundation
  • Stand by the quality of our work
Call 479-387-2443 to schedule a consultation with our owner and operator.